Virtual Assistance Services

Need a dedicated personal assistant? Philippine Outsourcing can easily take care of that. Our virtual assistants are not onlyprofessionals; they’re well-knowledgeable and they work with your demands and wants in mind, delivering them with their thorough understanding and patience.

Virtual assistants are online secretaries that can do multitasking jobs ranging from administrative functions to more technical roles such Web development, content writing and SEO management. This necessitates more than basic knowledge of many Internet marketing strategies and techniques.

Virtual assistants should be able to have the following qualities:

  • Great research skills that include data entry and analysis
  • Knowledge and skills in promotional advertisement of the business
  • Basic knowledge in SEO, HTML and Webdevelopment(backend coding, link building and email marketing)
  • Flexible customer service skills

Also, they should be able to take care of the following tasks:

  • Content writing for articles and blogs that target the right audience
  • Schedule management
  • Lead Generation
  • Presentation and proposal creation

Philippine Outsourcing is committed tofindingwell-educated, professional and flexible virtual assistants that can really help businesses. Give us a call so that you can start selecting the VAs that can adapt to your business’s culture, meet the demands and wants your organization needs, and deliver the results that you long for.